Let Go …
… Dream …
… Be Open …
… DO

The concept of Whittlleville ™ originated back about 25-years ago. I was working with some modeling clay and creating little village houses. A cottage, a train station and my favorite light houses. As I created more and more of these I decided to arrange them for a Christmas display into a little village setting, adding an “N” scale train.

My son John was watching me and I said to him we need to name the village; so we began working with the clay to create an entrance monument to the “village”. I thought Little Village – Wee Village – Whittle Village – Whittle Ville! Except when I put the letters on the monument I misspelled the word “Whittle” as “Whittlle” and due to space limits put the word “Ville” on the second line. When the clay set up and I “fired” it and started to paint it my son said “… Dad you misspelled Whittle, there’s 2-T’s and 2-L’s!” I told him I guess the village will be called  Whittlleville™ from now on!

To me Whittlleville™ is place from our past where people gathered in village, small towns, maybe a couple of blocks in an urban setting. People got to know each other. Hard working parents raised a family, attended local sports events, Sunday church. Shared the joys and sadness that is part of life – Our Journey and all it’s Adventure. Not every one always got along, kids played together and sometimes fought. Some neighbors had beautiful lawns and flower beds some struggled with crab grass and weeding, usually my Job!

Children grew up, went off on their own Journey’s and Adventures many becoming parents themselves. Parents became grand parents; trying as best they could  to pass on to their grand children some of the magic before they grow up to fast.

The magic is Community, the opportunity to interact with one another each day. Not always agreeing with someone else, just communicating; sharing and listening to each other! All who visit Whittlleville™ will do so because of the Internet. The technology marvel of the instantaneous access to stores of information, some that has been hidden from the world is an Adventure in itself. I hope to use this technology to offer a collection of items of interest, artwork, products, information and more … in a way that fosters the meaning of Community once more. Perhaps motivating people who visit to read an actual book again. Enjoy the words, artwork and music of someone who created something from a moment of deep emotion – Low or High!!!

What you see here today will continue to change and evolve, like the Adventure of LifeThe Journey Continues!!!

Be well,

– CJ

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“When we can once again see all we experience with the eyes of a child … and be filled with wonderment each moment … will we truly become the Master we seek …” – CJ