The 100th Monkey Effect – Project

The 100th Monkey Project

The world is in a bit of turmoil to say the least!

There are only 2 emotions to which all feelings can be traced – Fear or Love. Most people spend the 99% of their day in a place of Reaction and only 1% in a Proactive place.

The news is filled with reports that keep us in a place of Fear; which keeps us Reacting! For what we see as “Reality” to change and evolve we must move towards a Proactive place. Even a 1 or 2% shift to being more Proactive will start the shift.

So I am starting up “The 100th Monkey Effect”. Project. The concept of the 100th Monkey is that when the 100th event, action, shift in consciousness, random act of kindness etc. occurs there can and will be a paradigm shift in a circumstance or in this present consciousness & reality.

The point is to OWN your every choice, action and reaction. When you own it and choose to be proactive you are adding your energy in a positive way to others throughout the world contributing to “The 100th Monkey Effect”. You will never know if your proactive action is the 100th Monkey; but when the shift occurs our total existence and everyone’s reality will Shift!

The best way to start the process of being Proactive is to start your day, before you get out of bed by Giving Thanks to all who you may meet, all situations you may experience (don’t judge if they will be good or bad), your angels, your guides etc. I suggest not a prayer of asking or petition rather Thanks!

This short YouTube video put out by “The Secret” helps me Shift, for a moment, into a place of Wonder and Visualization; a place of seeing the “possible” within what sometimes seems Impossible!

Next it will become 2 moments, a second, a minute, an hour, a day and then the dream of “Peace & Harmony on Earth” Always.

Folks we live in “Paradise” and have been given all the tools our “Maker” could image we would ever need. All we have to do is choose to be Proactive and move to a place of Love; by rejection and overcoming Fear!!!

Will You be the 100th Monkey?

Thank You and Enjoy the Video,