The 100th Monkey Effect – Project

The 100th Monkey Project

The world is in a bit of turmoil to say the least!

There are only 2 emotions to which all feelings can be traced – Fear or Love. Most people spend the 99% of their day in a place of Reaction and only 1% in a Proactive place.

The news is filled with reports that keep us in a place of Fear; which keeps us Reacting! For what we see as “Reality” to change and evolve we must move towards a Proactive place. Even a 1 or 2% shift to being more Proactive will start the shift.

So I am starting up “The 100th Monkey Effect”. Project. The concept of the 100th Monkey is that when the 100th event, action, shift in consciousness, random act of kindness etc. occurs there can and will be a paradigm shift in a circumstance or in this present consciousness & reality.

The point is to OWN your every choice, action and reaction. When you own it and choose to be proactive you are adding your energy in a positive way to others throughout the world contributing to “The 100th Monkey Effect”. You will never know if your proactive action is the 100th Monkey; but when the shift occurs our total existence and everyone’s reality will Shift!

The best way to start the process of being Proactive is to start your day, before you get out of bed by Giving Thanks to all who you may meet, all situations you may experience (don’t judge if they will be good or bad), your angels, your guides etc. I suggest not a prayer of asking or petition rather Thanks!

This short YouTube video put out by “The Secret” helps me Shift, for a moment, into a place of Wonder and Visualization; a place of seeing the “possible” within what sometimes seems Impossible!

Next it will become 2 moments, a second, a minute, an hour, a day and then the dream of “Peace & Harmony on Earth” Always.

Folks we live in “Paradise” and have been given all the tools our “Maker” could image we would ever need. All we have to do is choose to be Proactive and move to a place of Love; by rejection and overcoming Fear!!!

Will You be the 100th Monkey?

Thank You and Enjoy the Video,

Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem

Hello Adventurers,

Last night I had a wonderful discussion with a close friend regarding “living in the Present” vs. “shadows” from my Past. This conversation planted a seed for some inner work and led me to awake this morning with a new way to view my life experiences; so they may better serve me as I travel and live this life’s Adventure.

I now believe the balance is:

  1. Owning who I have been in the Past and Honoring how it has helped me become Who I am today.
  2. Creating Dreams of Who, What and Where I desire for the Future
  3. and being Present in the NOW while being mindful and embracing the Who, What and Where that shows up each day, each moment that is manifesting my Future right before me in the NOW.

Carpe Diem …

– CJ


Seize the Day

Seize the Day

Good morning everyone,

For those who have not already seen the posts about “Back to the Future” Day, it is Today Oct 21 2015 as it was the “Future” Destination in “Back to the Future – Part II“. Some interesting items in the Design News article below you may appreciate.DeLorean - Back to The Future

Enjoy, the “Future” it is Ours, Carpe Diem …

– CJ

The top stories impacting the global design, manufacturing, and automation communities. October 21, 2015.
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Design News Daily Update - The top stories impacting the global design, manufacturing, and automation
Featured Story:
Here Are 6 Real Technologies From ‘Back to the Future II’
Featured Story
In honor of Back to the Future Day we’re taking a look at some of the film’s coolest technologies, and their real-life counterparts.

Gifts All Around

Gifts All Around

Bird HouseThis past weekend a close friend Gifted me a pretty hand made & hand painted Bird House.

As I was preparing to add it to Whittlleville Estates, I was reminded of times past and future! Perhaps you remember a time when you and your Mom or Dad built a bird house together; or you have helped your son or daughter or neighbor’s little one build one. Seems like something pretty simple – huh; often forgotten as we get older. Probably left behind when we move to another house in another community and we made our own new house into a home!

A simple bird house can represent a gift on many levels; given, received and most importunately shared. The Gift of spending time with a parent, aunt, uncle, grand parent or a neighbor. The gift of creating and sharing with nature as a “house” that will spend many years as home to local birds and critters. It can become a place out in the yard to watch as nature takes it course year-after-year. A nesting pair of birds finds the “house” and begins to make it a home their Home! Searching together for twigs & string, adding feathers as they “furnish” their home & nest. With only the tiny hole to enter, the “house” becomes a safe and dry place to lay the eggs of the future generations, then hatch them and raise them. The new birds develop their wings and feathers and finally it is time to leave the nest and explore the see and explore the world from above.

Often birds from the same family will return to the family “home” season-after-season to lay their eggs of the future generations. I have named my new beautiful bird house Gift “Whittlleville Treeshouse Villas” and hung a sign up on the front “For Rent by the Week or the Month”. 

Cherish the memories, appreciate the little joys in your life and be open to what Gifts show up for You!

Enjoy the day,

– CJ


Down in the Weeds

Down in the Weeds

Sometimes as we travel life’s Journey there are times like you may feel you are “down in the weeds”! Well maybe it’s just how you see the path you on. Look for the beauty and magic “in the moment” as you travel your path.flower_20150728

This morning as I was walking with my dog Lindy my pathway lead to a morning gift. Yup probably just a weed some might think and just pass by. Nope a beautiful flower in full bloom, a bright spot there greeting the day and brightening the landscape of my walk.

We pass opportunities everyday just like my morning encounter. Look for the bright spot in everyone who shows up in your life, each day.

– CJ


Innovation – Creating the Path while Walking It

Innovation – Creating the Path while Walking It

I was fortunate to have the chance to get an education in a field I have had a passion for all my life – Aviation and Aerospace. I got to attend a College in the Midwest where I attended classes to learn about The Theory of Flight and Flying Machines. These classes were created and refined over many years as knowledge of these disciplines grew and evolved. I did not have to create the theory and I studied it. While studying the lessons at each stage of my Aerospace education there were opportunities to attend labs and put the theory to practice make observations and record the results, discuss the results with the instructors and so on!

Now let’s travel back to the early 20th Century. We are in Dayton, Ohio and we meet a couple of brothers by the name Orville &Wilbur Wright. They build and repair bicycles and struggle to make a living in their community. They are creative and innovative, enjoy their time off and they are fascinated with how birds fly. Birds are relatively “heavy” yet they soar and glide with ease. They move their wings to climb higher and higher, they turn and circle. They of course walk around on their feet, yet inflight their feet are tucked back and then they extend them for landing.

In addition to building bicycles the Wright Brothers fly kites. I love to fly kits, sort of connects one with the wind and the sky. Anyway in flying kites and watching birds the Wright Brothers continue studying how they work. The kites start getting larger and larger. Large enough for a man to lay down and “fly” on. During this process of discovery the Wright Brothers sought to understand how the birds could fly higher and turn by flapping their wings and changing the shape of their wings on one side or the other.

They were devolving the solutions in the minds, on paper notes and sketches; but need to test their “theories” so they built a Wind Tunnel. A small chamber where air is blown past a surface and you can watch it’s resulting reaction. So they build “wing” models and began testing, “Creating the the Path …”  Next they want their “kite” to stay up longer then a mere glide would provide, so they decided to power the kite. Well it’s 1902 or so, you can’t go down to your local engine shop and just pickup an engine, let alone one powerful enough to power their kite, a man flying it and so on. Sooooo guess what they set about to design an engine and then build it, “Creating the the Path …”

Now we got the basic kite and an engine, how do you translate the engine power to the kite and power the kite and the man forward, let alone turn right and left. A propeller was next. Using the lessons learned from their Wind Tunnel tests the Wright Brothers now understood Lift. Again using no Computer Aided Design (CAD) or Google to search, they began first imagining, sketching concepts and then carving a Propeller that would create “Lift” as it turned, that would in turn propel their kite forward, “Creating the the Path …”

Next came how to turn the kite. Again watching the birds and subsequent testing in their Wind Tunnel the Wright Brothers regards Lift as they watched how the birds maneuver they noted that they changed the shape of their wings one way to turn left and another to turn right. So the Wright Brothers used Wing Warping to increase the Lift on the right Wing to turn left and when turning right they could increase the Lift on the left Wing “Creating the the Path …”

The story goes on and I will probably share more later. The lesson is the Wright Brothers had a dream, they visualized it, wrote about it, talked about it and then began “Creating the Path while Walking It” and each of us has that opportunity each day for real innovation in our lives. Go out and Live Your Dreams each day, never stop “Creating the Path while Walking It”

– CJ