Carpe Diem

Hello Adventurers, Last night I had a wonderful discussion with a close friend regarding "living in the Present" vs. "shadows" from my Past. This conversation planted a seed for some inner work and led me to awake this morning with a new way to view my...

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Seize the Day

Good morning everyone, For those who have not already seen the posts about "Back to the Future" Day, it is Today Oct 21 2015 as it was the "Future" Destination in "Back to the Future - Part II". Some interesting items in the Design News article below you may...

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Gifts All Around

This past weekend a close friend Gifted me a pretty hand made & hand painted Bird House. As I was preparing to add it to Whittlleville Estates, I was reminded of times past and future! Perhaps you remember a time when you and your Mom or Dad built a bird house...

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Down in the Weeds

Sometimes as we travel life's Journey there are times like you may feel you are "down in the weeds"! Well maybe it's just how you see the path you on. Look for the beauty and magic "in the moment" as you travel your path. This morning as I was walking with my dog...

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High Flight

Just a few years ago when I was growing up in Chicago late night television did not run all night. News was not 24-hours a day repeating the same tired headlines over and over ad nauseam! Evening programming ended at about 11pm some stations...

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Music Reflections

Through the ages music has reflected our times and our views of the times. Sometimes reflections in the present mirror back to us times that were better times, times of conflict or "... times they are a changing!" Here is a link to Musical Reflections about "American...

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We all face challenges each day; health, finances, relationships the list goes on, add ones particular to You. Living in the time space continuum (big words HUH!) we live in today we are given a chance to reset our view of our life each day. kind of like a new...

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“When we can once again see all we experience with the eyes of a child … and be filled with wonderment each moment … will we truly become the Master we seek …” – CJ


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