This past weekend a close friend Gifted me a pretty hand made & hand painted Bird House.

As I was preparing to add it to Whittlleville Estates, I was reminded of times past and future! Perhaps you remember a time when you and your Mom or Dad built a bird house together; or you have helped your son or daughter or neighbor’s little one build one. Seems like something pretty simple – huh; often forgotten as we get older. Probably left behind when we move to another house in another community and we made our own new house into a home!

A simple bird house can represent a gift on many levels; given, received and most importunately shared. The Gift of spending time with a parent, aunt, uncle, grand parent or a neighbor. The gift of creating and sharing with nature as a “house” that will spend many years as home to local birds and critters. It can become a place out in the yard to watch as nature takes it course year-after-year. A nesting pair of birds finds the “house” and begins to make it a home their Home! Searching together for twigs & string, adding feathers as they “furnish” their home & nest. With only the tiny hole to enter, the “house” becomes a safe and dry place to lay the eggs of the future generations, then hatch them and raise them. The new birds develop their wings and feathers and finally it is time to leave the nest and explore the see and explore the world from above.

Often birds from the same family will return to the family “home” season-after-season to lay their eggs of the future generations. I have named my new beautiful bird house Gift “Whittlleville Treeshouse Villas” and hung a sign up on the front “For Rent by the Week or the Month”. 

Cherish the memories, appreciate the little joys in your life and be open to what Gifts show up for You!

Enjoy the day,

– CJ


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