AES has been serving the amateur “ham” radio community since 1957!

Our diverse staff has experience in ARES, Emergency Communications, Repeaters, Contesting, DX-ing, D-Star and, of course, just plain ol’ Rag Chewing.

We have four stores conveniently located around the country so we can get your order to you as soon as possible.

Each store is equipped with a functioning ham station so you can spin the dial on the latest gear while visiting.

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Ham Radio Outlet

In 1971, a California Highway Patrol officer and veteran of the Navy signal corps, who happened to be a ham, came into possession of a little radio emporium on a wooden train platform in Burlingame, CA. Bob Ferrero (Bob), who was then K6AHV and later became W6RJ, was a dedicated California Highway Patrolman. He loved ham radio and was determined to make a go of starting a business selling amateur radio products.

Today, HRO is a family owned business with 14 sales locations throughout the United States which include a formidable presence on the Internet, making it the Largest Ham Radio dealership in the world.

HRO is continually expanding with our newest location opening in Plano, Texas on February 2, 2015.

With Worldwide distribution, HRO is geared to fill the needs of hams everywhere, whether online on the World Wide Web, over the telephone, or in person in one of our stores. Customer service is one of our primary goals. We employ active hams with varied backgrounds and expertise to be able to assist in any area of the hobby.

Graphics and description is Copyright Ham Radio Outlet is owned and operated by Hometek LLC a New Jersey based company in business since 1990. Cheapham is a registered trademark of Hometek LLC.

What’s in a name? Many folks ask, how did you come up with the name  We started our web site marketing to, and with products aimed at the amateur radio market.  Our philosophy was simple, well known quality products at fair discounted prices. Amateur radio operators are also known as “Ham” radio operators.  Thus the name Cheapham! Utilizing our 30+ years of communications and engineering experience we expanded our product lines to include Pro Audio, scanners, GPS, marine electronics and broadcast equipment. As we expanded into these new markets, we never forgot our original intent of bringing great products at great prices and great customer service.

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