We all face challenges each day; health, finances, relationships the list goes on, add ones particular to You. Living in the time space continuum (big words HUH!) we live in today we are given a chance to reset our view of our life each day. kind of like a new perspective on our life each day – if we choose!!!

Being a pilot I have been blessed with many interesting hours flying around the world. As is sometimes said the life of a pilot is “… hours of boredom mixed with moments of shear terror – take-off and landing!” Well it has not been quite like that, rather visiting interesting places. Meeting very different people and enjoying their cultures and hours of cruising from high above our beautiful blue-green planet earth. I have had the joy of looking down at this paradise we live in and on, and noticing that within a few hundred feet above the earth your view of the earth becomes more expansive. Houses merge into communities. Roads and highways stretch into ribbons of connections among and between these communities. People disappear all together! Individual challenges and conflicts disappear into the mosaic of this beautiful planet earth. It almost looks Peaceful!

Eagle Eye View

So when you wake up each day, your first fluttering open of an eye, You are blessed with a chance to Reset Your view on the day, Your Day and Your Life. Even though you have not yet gone anywhere or met any one – clean slate! Then is the time to hold a picture in your mind and a blessing in your heart for each encounter you may have with no expectations. Try it and see what happens. See who or what comes into your life and in-turn Blesses You.

Enjoy Your New Day,

– CJ

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