Most Shed Plans

  • Don’t tell you everything you need…
  • Don’t tell you what a piece of material is going to be used for. (You end up with wood scattered all over your workspace)
  • Don’t give you EXACT measurements to cut your lumber.

Exact “materials and cutting lists” allow you to buy exact amounts. And also what you don’t need to buy right now. It saves time and cuts down waste. It saves Money. Because you only buy EXACTLY what you need… and WHEN you need it. A PERFECT shed plan will NEVER leave you guessing or scratching your head.

Welcome to Wonderful Woodworking. I am passionate about woodworking. Ever since my younger years, I would go out with my grandfather who was a carpenter, and help him on the construction of a home he would be working on.My passion was in the cabinet business as we had a cabinet shop for twenty five years and enjoyed every minute of it. By creating our web site (  we hope to help many people in the field of woodworking by inspiring them to trying their hand at woodworking, by responding to their concerns or by providing them with information on our site.

There is no better place to find the latest, high quality exotic hardwoods than Cook Woods! Based near the beautiful forests of Klamath Falls, OR, Cook Woods has been helping woodworkers and craftspeople from all over the world find the exotic woods they need for art gallery pieces, fine furniture, guitars, and more. We bring in the finest lumber and exotic hardwoods from all across the world, as well as beautiful hardwood logs, slabs and boards grown right here in the Pacific Northwest. From Asian woods like Afzelia and Amboyna burl and African Waterfall figured Bubinga, to California Claro Walnut, you can always find a great selection of quality exotic wood at competitive prices that you simply won’t find anywhere else. We deal in exotic woods and domestic species of all different shapes and cuts which we are able to produce on the sawmill located here at our facility.

“When we can once again see all we experience with the eyes of a child … and be filled with wonderment each moment … will we truly become the Master we seek …” – CJ


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